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High quality unbundled family law services & Freelance attorney services


The Law Office of Natalie Marcell offers unbundled legal services to individuals that are proceeding as self represented parties in their California family law cases. While the court process can be intimidating, and anxiety can be heightened without the help of an attorney, it is not always viable to retain attorney representation throughout the entire case. The Law Office of Natalie Marcell provides unbundled family law services that allow self represented parties to hire an attorney that can provide guidance and perform key tasks in their case at an affordable flat rate.

There are a variety of unbundled family law services that The Law Office of Natalie Marcell offers. Perhaps you are able to handle most of the aspects of your family law case but you need a little guidance and information, or perhaps you need more hands on help with preparation of documents. Lets discuss your case and the various options The Law Office of Natalie Marcell can offer. Check out our Family Law Services page for more information.

In addition to family law unbundled services, The Law Office Natalie Marcell also provides high quality freelance attorney services to California licensed attorneys/law firms on a project basis. If you are a California licensed attorney and would like to find out more about Natalie Marcell’s freelance attorney services click here.


Latest Updates

Menezes v. McDaniel (Dec. 18, 2019, No. D074434) has been certified for publication.  In this case, the Fourth District Court of Appeal concluded that the superior court did not abuse its discretion by awarding Family Code §271 sanctions including anticipated fees and costs.  The Appellate Court stated that there is nothing in Family Code §271… Read More

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Effective January 1, 2020 Family Code §1615 changed with regards to the “7 day rule” for premarital agreements.  Previously, if both you and your fiancé were represented by your own attorney during the premarital agreement process, you could sign the premarital agreement pretty much any time before the wedding date without issue, however, if either… Read More

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With the new year come new and revised California Judicial Council Forms. To find out which forms have been updated you can click here to see the Publishers List available on the California Courts website. If you already have your forms ready to file and you are just finding out that the form you are… Read More

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The Law Office of Natalie Marcell is committed to providing excellent, honest, and reliable legal services. To learn more about how Natalie Marcell can help you with your legal needs, contact our office to schedule your consultation.