Unbundled Family Law Services

The Law Office of Natalie Marcell is now offering unbundled family law services!

On average, two thirds of family law litigants are self-represented at the time of filing their petition. While the court process can be intimidating, the anxiety can be heightened when you don’t have the help of an attorney. Hiring an attorney to represent you in your family law case, however, is not always a viable option for everyone.
The Law Office of Natalie Marcell provides unbundled family law services that allow you to hire an attorney to perform key tasks in your family law case and make it possible for you to receive necessary legal assistance – all at an affordable flat rate.
Unbundled family law services offered include:
  • legal consultations
  • coaching/guidance
  • document review
  • document preparation
Contact Natalie Marcell to schedule a consultation and find out how she can help you understand your options and help you better proceed confidently as a self-represented party.