The Law Office of Natalie Marcell offers unbundled legal services to individuals that are proceeding as self represented parties in their California family law cases. While the court process can be intimidating, and anxiety can be heightened without the help of an attorney, it is not always viable to retain attorney representation throughout the entire case. The Law Office of Natalie Marcell provides unbundled family law services that allow self represented parties to hire an attorney that can provide guidance and perform key tasks in their case at an affordable flat rate.

Unbundled family law services offered include:

  • legal consultations
  • coaching/guidance
  • document review
  • document preparation

The Law Office of Natalie Marcell can help with matters on divorce, legal separation, marriage annulment, child support, child custody/visitation, spousal support, domestic violence and premarital agreements.

What family law issues can The Law Office of Natalie Marcell help you with?



There are many issues that you and your spouse must address if you decide to divorce, including: division of property, child custody, parenting schedule, child support, and spousal support.  These issues can be very complicated and it is important to talk to a California family law attorney so that you understand your rights and obligations.

Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most pressing issues in family law cases that involve children.  As a parent you need to understand the differences between legal and physical custody as well as the best interest of the child factors that the court will consider in all child custody cases.

Spousal Support

Spousal support, or what many call “alimony,” may be awarded on a temporary basis during the divorce process to ease the financial transition.  Once the divorce is final the court will consider whether to make spousal support permanent.  Understanding the differences between temporary and permanent spousal support, as well as the factors that the court will use to determine whether spousal support will be awarded to either spouse is crucial.

Child Support

Every parent has the obligation to financially support their children.  Government child support agencies can be useful in helping you get a child support order and in enforcing a child support order.  Understanding the various issues that can arise can help ensure that your children get the financial support they need and can help ensure that your income and financial obligations are correctly and completely represented in court.

Prenuptual Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are contracts between future spouses.  California law regulates the mutual rights and obligations of spouses, however prenuptial agreements allow future spouses to specify how certain issues will be decided in the unfortunate event of a divorce, with the purpose of protecting assets and preventing litigation.

And More…

There are so many issues that can arise in family law matters in addition to the ones discussed here.  Contact The Law Office of Natalie Marcell to schedule a consultation so that we can determine whether we can help you with your legal needs.