The Law Office Natalie Marcell provides high quality case support services to California licensed attorneys/law firms on a project basis.  Natalie Marcell focuses on working with solo practitioners and small to mid-sized law firms who have too much on their plate, multiple upcoming deadlines, and need extra help to deal with a temporary increase in work flow.   More often than not, the fluctuations of solo practice make it impractical to hire a new associate just for the occasional crazy times. Natalie Marcell assists with all aspects of case management including:

    • legal research
    • writing memoranda of points and authorities
    • drafting pretrial motions
    • propounding discovery requests
    • responding to discovery
    • preparing preliminary and final declarations of disclosure
    • drafting meet and confer letters
    • drafting and responding to settlement proposals
    • drafting demand letters
    • drafting settlement conference statements
    • drafting trial briefs
    • drafting stipulations
    • trial preparation (including preparation of witness and exhibits lists, expert witness disclosures, motions in limine, trial exhibit folders, direct and cross examination questions outline, written closing statements, and proposed statements of decision)
    • family law writs and appeals

Even when your practice is running smoothly, there is always a few special projects sitting on your desk, waiting for you to get the time to get them done.  Perhaps you have a great idea for an article and you need help getting the background research done, or even help with getting an initial draft written.  Maybe your firm is ready to start publishing a newsletter or an informational piece for your clients, but you simply don’t have the time to write all the content. Natalie Marcell  is happy to help you on your special project.

Why hire Natalie Marcell?

Money Saving Benefits


Hiring an associate can be costly.  When you hire a freelance attorney you pay only for the time it takes to complete the work you want them to complete. In addition to helping you save money by working with you on a project basis, when you hire Natalie Marcell, Esq. you can actually earn more money.   Read more…

Time Saving Benefits


The fluctuations of work when you have a law practice means that there are times when work is low, times when work is steady, and times when you have too many deadlines to meet all at once.  As your freelance attorney, Natalie Marcell will essentially serve as your “on call” associate.   Read more…

Excellent Quality Work


Natalie Marcell’s focus is excellence. Natalie understands that you work hard for your clients, and reputation is everything. Natalie does not want you to be a one time attorney client.  By providing the absolute best quality work Natalie seeks to establish herself as your go to freelance attorney.   Read more…

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