Hiring Natalie Marcell, Esq. will save you money.

When there is a spike in the amount of work at your law firm and you need extra help to get it all handled you might be hesitant in hiring an associate because you are worried about how you’ll be able to cover their salary when the amount of work takes a dip.  Hiring an associate can be costly taking into consideration that your malpractice insurance fees increase, the cost of employment benefits, social security taxes, unemployment insurance, and not to mention the additional salary.  Hiring a temporary intern may be an option, but you might have already learned that hiring someone who leaves once they are trained is time consuming.

This is where the beauty of working with a freelance attorney comes in.

When you hire a freelance attorney you pay only for the time it takes to complete the work you want them to complete.

You don’t have to worry about hiring a new associate that might be sitting around the office on your dime when there is decrease in the work flow.  As your freelance attorney, Natalie Marcell, Esq. is your “on-call” associate ready to serve your practice.

Clients today seek law firms that offer reduced rates or alternative fee structures.  By working with Nataile Marcell, you are able to meet your clients’ needs.

In addition to helping you save money by working with you on a project basis, when you hire Natalie Marcell, Esq. you can actually earn more money.  When your law firm uses Natalie Marcell’s freelance attorney services, your firm can elect to bill the end client in several different ways:

  1. Not pass any of the costs to the client;
  2. Pass the cost to the client at the same rate the firm paid;
  3. Mark up the cost and pass the marked up cost to the client; or
  4. Pass a flat fee cost to the client

Each of these fee arrangements are ethical in California, as long as the fee passed to the client is not otherwise unconscionable pursuant to California Rule of Professional Responsibility Rule 1.5, and assuming the attorney has satisfied the standard requirement set forth under California Business and Profession Code sections 6147-6148; and section 6068(m) regarding fee arrangements.

To find out more about the ethics of surcharges to the cost of hiring a freelance attorney check out Frequently Asked Questions section. To find out about how Natalie Marcell can also save you time, check out Time Saving Benefits.

To find out about the type of projects Natalie Marcell, Esq. can help your law firm with, check out Services.

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