On average, two-thirds of family law litigants are self-represented at the time of filing their petition.

You don’t have to go through this alone.

Hiring an attorney to represent you throughout your case is often not a viable option for everyone.  Unbundled family law services allows you to drive your own case as a self-represented party while obtaining legal services on an as needed basis.  The Law Office of Natalie Marcell offers unbundled family law services to clients who cannot financially afford to hire an attorney to represent them in every aspect of their case.

Through unbundled family law services, you can have an experienced, reliable attorney:

  • provide you with guidance so you  understand California’s divorce process and know what to expect
  • assist you with obtaining custody and support orders
  • coach you in preparation for mediation or a court hearing
  • help you prepare legal documents
  • and much more

Unbundled family law services are not recommended for everyone.  Some cases are complex and full attorney representation is strongly advised.  If your legal issue is more complex or you are going through very contentious litigation, unbundled family law services may not be effective for you.  The Law Office of Natalie Marcell does understand however, that in these difficult times, hiring an attorney is not always financially possible for everyone.

Contact The Law Office of Natalie Marcell so that we can assess your matter and see if unbundled family law services will work for you.